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My Own Transformation Tuesday

I’ve thought about sharing this for a while. But the fear of putting an incredibly unflattering photo of myself up on the Internet — where it can live forever and ever — got the best fo me.

Then last week, I stood up in front of a huge room of professionals at Life Time and watched as my ‘before’ photo came up on a huge projector in the front of the room.

Everyone gasped.

I’m kidding, of course they didn’t.

But I kind of thought they might. Because my connection to that 'person’ was so distorted, so damaged. My connection to my body and my weight, the history of that is way too long to go into in a blog post (I’m thinking of recording a podcast this week about it). But I have been pretty unkind to my body over the years. Not just physically but mentally, too. And it is a daily battle. Anyone who has struggled with distorted body image, unhealthy eating habits, over-exercising knows how quickly ‘being good’ can go down the drain.

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