On Your TV -- The Jason Show, September 13th

As always, I had such a wonderful time on The Jason Show. And what made it even better was my friend Rachel was in the audience! Her husband Andy was my junior prom date and we all hung out in college when they would come into town from Morris! We reconnected at our 15 year reunion last month and she raved about her love for The Jason Show so when I knew I booked another appearance, I let her know and she was able to get tickets!

Meal prepping is my jam and as you can tell, I love offering up tips and tricks that might make life easier for people. So for this segment, I focused on beating food boredom. I took one protein and some roasted veggies and came up with five easy and delicious ways to serve it up. You could easily make these for a family dinner or use the individual ideas as your lunches for the week. Check out all of that information here!