Meal Prepping: 1 Protein + Veggies, 5 Different Meal Ideas!

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Heading into my appearance on The Jason Show, I asked the question — When it comes to meal prepping, what do you want to know more about?

The overwhelming response was beating food boredom. Now I can eat the same thing over and over again and barely flinch. But if you are someone who craves variety, I’ve got you covered.

Below you’ll find five different meal ideas for one simple meal prepping session.

All I did was prep some shredded chicken and roast some veggies. How much? Well, that all depends on you and your needs. Are you prepping for yourself? For you and your partner? Your kids? Does your mom live with you? To be honest, this part is kind of a figure it out as you go situation. I can’t tell you how much meat or veggies to prep. You gotta make the decision for your household. And keep in mind, you can freeze the extras if needed!

Sept 13 - Buffalo Chicken Bowls.jpg
Sept 13 - Chicken Fajita Bowls.jpg
Sept 13 - Rustic Italian Bowls.jpg
Sept 13 - Tahini Chicken Bowls.jpg
Sept 13 - Hummus Chicken Wraps.jpg