The Best Thing I've Ever Found On Craigslist


Eight years ago, almost to the day, this man came into my life.

I was 25. A mess. In all aspects of life. I was technically living with my parents but had become a professional couch surfer, taking up space wherever I could to avoid the daily commute from New Prague to Minneapolis. And despite my own desires, my parents had made it very clear that I could not afford a one-bedroom apartment in Uptown and that it didn’t matter how many times I asked, they would not be co-signing any leases for me.

I was frustrated and out of options so I did the thing all desperate 20-somethings do when they don’t want to live with their parents anymore. I went on Craigslist.

Buried in the sublet section was this:

$600 / 1br - Uptown Sublet (Now - Oct or longer) (Uptown)

A 20-something male was looking for a roommate for his two bedroom apartment near the lakes. He was a young professional — an accountant — and traveled a lot for work. His roommate had recently moved out to cohabitate in the suburbs and the space would be available immediately.

It sounded too good to be true. So I replied.

Hi, just wondering if this sublet is still available. I'm a 25 female who works in sports journalism. Looking for a sublet in the uptown area until the Twins season is over. I understand the other roommate is a guy but if he's fine with a female roommate, I have no problem.
I work in a male-dominated field so not an issue at all.

He responded the next morning and we arranged a time to meet that night.

A couple of hours before we were set to meet, I got an email from him — confirming the address and his cell phone. And it ended with this.

Also - I just want to let you know that I'm gay.  I know that's pretty upfront, but for some people that can be a deal-breaker, and so there's not really much point in continuing if that's the case. 

If you still want to meet up, I'll plan on seeing you tonight around 7:30.

He was right, it was pretty upfront. To feel the need to out yourself to a complete stranger, almost like he was being transparent about asbestos or lead in the apartment’s paint. I hadn’t felt the need to identify myself as a straight female in my introduction. In fact, I don’t know if I have ever felt the need to identify myself as a heterosexual. Oh, what privilege!

I met Kevin that night. Not wanting to become an episode of Dateline, I corralled two girlfriends to come with me. And on that hot June evening, we all sat in the living room of Kevin’s apartment getting to know one another.

I moved in a week later.

kevin and lindsay.jpg

To this day, Kevin is one of my favorite people on this entire planet. He is kind and thoughtful and too smart. He truly defines life of the party. He instantly became an irreplaceable part of our group and I don't see him nearly enough (Germany is so lucky to have you, Kevin).

Every so often, I think about all of the things that had to happen for me to find Kevin. The path I had to stumble down, my parents finally learning how to put their foot down.

And then I think of all the potential roommates who said no after finding out Kevin was gay.

To them, thank you. Thank you for giving up an opportunity to meet a truly remarkable human being. Because of you, I now get to call this guy my friend.

When people ask how we know one another, I always lead with this — Kevin is the best thing I have ever found on Craigslist.

To this day, that’s true.

I love you, Kevin. Thank you for including me in your journey. Happy Pride!