Sugar- Free Texas Caviar

texas caviar 2.JPG

A little Internet research led me down the Texas Caviar rabbit hole. Yes, it exists. According to food historians, it dates back to 1940 when a woman named Helen Corbitt was asked to make a recipe using only Texas ingredients. Thus, the Texas Caviar — aka Cowboy Caviar — was born.

I love Texas Caviar. It is a perfect summer dish, especially with crisp tortilla chips and a cold beer. What I don’t love? The amount of sugar that is typically in every recipe. So I remade it without any — substituting honey instead. I also used rice vinegar, which is already sweeter and less acidic than other vinegars. Add in a ton of fresh herbs, let it marinate and boom! Perfect Texas Caviar without all the added calories!


2-15oz cans of black-eyed peas

1-15oz can of black beans

1-15oz can of pinto beans

1-15oz can of corn

1 yellow pepper, diced

1 orange pepper, diced

1 medium red onion, chopped

2 tbsp cilantro, chopped

2 medium jalapeños, seeded and chopped (optional)


1/4 cup rice vinegar

1 tbsp honey

2 tbsp chives, finely chopped

3 scallions, minced

1 tsp garlic powder

Texas Caviar.jpg


In large colander, rinse all of your canned items. Set aside.

Combine ingredients for dressing in small mixing bowl.

In large bowl, combine all of your ingredients — black-eyed peans, black beans, pinto beans, corn, peppers, onion, cilantro and jalapeños.

Top with dressing and mix thoroughly.

Cover and refrigerate for 8 hours.

Serve with tortilla chips (I recommend Donkey Salted Tortilla Chips).