Veggie Up Your Mac N Cheese


I know what you are thinking. ‘Lindsay, you talk about eating healthy all the time and here you are pitching me Velveeta Shells & Cheese.’

You’re right, I am. Because I love it. I love mac ‘n cheese. Do I eat it every day? Nope. I would if I could but I can’t because metabolism is a thing and mine is nearly gone.

But every once in a while, I like to enjoy mac ‘n cheese. And I know people love to eat mac ‘n cheese, probably a lot more than I do. People with kids, people who are picky eaters, people with metabolisms. It’s a thing.

Adding riced cauliflower to your mac ‘n cheese is an easy way to not only add some much needed fiber to your meal, you’re also adding actual nutritional value to a meal that otherwise would have none.

Here’s the equation =

Mac ‘n Cheese + Riced Cauliflower = Delicious Meal With Calories That’s Got Some Good Stuff Going On

Not only is cauliflower a good source of protein, it also has a ton of Vitamin C in it which is an antioxidant that helps with inflammation and boosts your immune system.


How To Do It

You make your mac ‘n cheese just like you normally would. You are going to add the riced cauliflower in while your noodles are boiling because you want to give it an opportunity to cook just a little bit (think tender, not mushy).

So when you have about a minute left on your noodles, add in the bag of riced cauliflower and finishing cooking. Then strain the noodles and cauliflower like you normally would, add your cheese and you are done.

If you are making fancy mac ‘n cheese (i.e. not from a box), add the riced cauliflower to your cheese mix right before it is done cooking. Again, you want to give the cauliflower rice a very brief amount of time in some heat.