Let's Be Honest Ep. 1

Let's Be Honest.jpg

It's not perfect. See, I had grand plans of having everything taken care of by today but did you know Apple wants to approve your project before they'll let you send it out on iTunes? I obviously didn't as I'm still waiting out the approval process. But I told myself I was releasing it today so for now, you can enjoy Let's Be Honest on my website. 

Episode 1 focuses on procrastination. It's a major issue in my life and as I found out by talking to Dr. Joseph Ferrari, it is a much bigger problem than just putting things off. 

Can I dedicate this thing? I'm going to. I would like to dedicate this to my mom. She's my biggest cheerleader and at the same time, has been the person affected most by my procrastination. So for all those last minute trips to Target and those all-nighters I used to pull in high school, I'm sorry, I love you, I promise I'm working on it.