Uncle Bob's Grasshopper Pie


My Uncle Bob’s Grasshopper Pie was a staple at Reuter family gatherings for my entire childhood. It became routine. You ate Grandma Sally’s jello salad and then waited as patiently as possible for Uncle Bob to bring in his Grasshopper Pie for dessert. I say bring in because like most families in cold weather regions, the garage became an extra fridge/freezer/cooler at large family gatherings

I ask my Aunt Becky for this recipe at least once a year, when I need an easy, delicious dessert to make. The first time I made this, I added too much Creme de Menthe and it was a runny mess. More like a boozy milkshake than an ice cream pie. This time around, it turned out perfect. A fluffy, creamy dessert full of cookie crumbles and a rich mint flavor.

(Note: You will need a rectangular pan or individual serving dishes for the pie. I’ve included directions for both. You’ll need a lot of freezer space for the individual serving dishes — or just plan to serve them immediately.)



  • 1 gallon vanilla ice cream (you will use about 3/4 of the container)

  • 2 cups Cool Whip

  • 15oz. package Oreo cookies

  • 1/2 cup Creme de Menthe

Directions for a Rectangular Pan

Crumble half of the Oreo cookies for the bottom of the pan.

In a large bowl, mix ice cream, Cool Whip and Creme de Menthe.

Spread ice cream mixture over first layer of Oreo cookies.

Crumble remaining cookies and cover the top.

Freeze for 2-3 hours.


Directions for Individual Serving Dishes

Crumble all of the Oreo cookies and place 3/4 of crumbles in a large mixing bowl.

Add in ice cream, Cool Whip and Creme de Menthe. Mix well.

Scoop ice cream mixture into individual serving glasses. Top with remaining Oreo crumbles.

Add dollop of Cool Whip and a drizzle of Creme de Menthe. Serve immediately.